Our clients are drawn from diverse business sectors, including engineering,
information technology, marketing, media, solicitors, banks and government offices.

I have been most impressed by Aurora's ability as a teacher, her professionalism and her efficiency.The teachers she employs are excellent and she does not tolerate poor performance or unreliability. She organises successful and popular social events to motivate both students and teachers and looks for new ways to encourage learning. The examinations results and personal achievements of her students are a testimony to the success of her approach and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
John Thornton, Director
Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

Aurora taught me an intensive Spanish for 3 months. She does not follow a rigid recipe for teaching; her methods were adaptable for my own needs. I found the relevance of the classes to my own situation enabled me to learn quicker and, more importantly, retain the knowledge.

She is genuinely concerned about the progress of her clients and regularly provided me with films to watch, music to listen to and books to read, all of which give a rounded language and cultural lesson.

Aurora gave me confidence to speak Spanish whilst in Spain, and everyday conversation in this environment is surely what improves your communication the quickest.

I have now moved to Istanbul and I started lessons via SKYPE with Aurora. I credit her with not only teaching me Spanish so well but with giving me a love for the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I am happy to confirm that we were very impressed with the high quality of the Spanish language training which you did for us here at the firm. The whole process from understanding the needs of our organisation, and the individuals' goals, through to the teaching itself and, not least, the results achieved, was first class. I wish you continued success with your business.
Declan Tarpey
Taylor Wessing

I have found Aurora Longo's tutors effective and popular and always make the classes fun and interesting. The classes are well prepared and researched. A wide range of text books are supplemented with up to date materials taken from current newspaper and magazine articles. Additional exercises come from radio and television programmes allowing a much deeper insight not only into the Spanish language, but Spain itself. Through our classes we have been working towards various professional examinations for which we have always been very well prepared and achieved good passes.
Caroline Torrance. Product Development Manager
BBC Worldwide Television

Lunchtime sessions for Beginners' Spanish at the L.S.E. have proved to be extremely popular with staff. The lessons have been well structured, participative and tailored to meet the needs of all the participants. The general consensus is that classes have been both enjoyable and relevant. I will certainly be looking at including further language sessions in future Staff lunchtime programmes.
Linda Westaway Staff Development Adviser
L.S.E.(London School of Economics)

Aurora Longo's tutors are enthusiastic and appear to grasp quickly the ability, skills and aspirations of her pupils. The Company has tailored my course to suit the needs of my employment which involves regular visits to Spain and to deal with the Spanish people on both a personal and business basis. The course has been varied and enjoyable with a wide range of materials and learning techniques employed. The Spanish ability I have acquired has undoubtedly assisted me in the performance of my role.
Kevin Head. Senior Manager
Barclays Bank Plc

Aurora Longo has helped me enormously in building my confidence for business negotiations and presentations in Spanish through an excellent, pragmatic, focused, personalised and professional approach. I would gladly recommend A. Longo for their professionalism and teaching approach in the Spanish language.
Murielle Ruyet. European Stations Relation Manager
Austereo MCM Entertainment Europe Ltd.

We have been impressed with their highly competent methods of training for both one-to-one and group sessions and are entirely satisfied with the progress of the Spanish tuition undertaken to date.
Karen Cross.Personnel & Administration Manager

It is without doubt that I can recommend Aurora and her team. They are diligent, hardworking and most of all, very patient. Their flexibility to fit in with my demanding schedule was very helpful. I felt that I learned so much in a short space of time and this made me able to run my meetings and indeed, the whole job more effectively in a second language. Learning is tailored to an individual's needs and whenever I wanted to focus on a particular area it was never a problem.
Jo Monaghan
ORMS Architecture